Where to find English subtitles

At Ieltstuts, we strongly appreciate English cinema. The proof, many are our articles devoted to TV in English ( movies, sitcoms, series, TV channels in English, etc.). To successfully immerse yourself in English culture, you need to watch TV entirely in English. But what if you don’t understand everything yet? Today we’ll tell you how to learn English with subtitled movies and series and where to find English subtitles for your favourite shows!

💡 Since we are going to share many resources in this article, we suggest you save it to your favourites to come back to it quickly and easily whenever you want to find English subtitles.

Where to find subtitles online

Let’s start this article with the most useful sites for finding English subtitles.

  • OPUS allows you to find subtitles for your favourite series and movies in many different languages. The downside is its bad interface, but as you already know appearances should not be trusted, because the resources offered by this site are abundant and of good quality.

Where to download English subtitles

Subtitling sites are very numerous, so we have selected the most complete and the easiest to use. Take a look at the features offered by each and choose the one that suits you best:

  • OpenSubtitles is a very rich site, with a huge list of subtitles and you can even find some in other languages. What’s more, you can download the Chrome extension, which allows you to access their site in a snap of your fingers.
  • English-subtitles.org with a better interface than the last one, this site allows you to search for English subtitles and it is very easy to use.
  • Subtitle Seeker offers plenty of subtitles for classics as well as newer titles that you can download in SRT format or as a ZIP file.
  • Subscene is an online community of people who upload and share subtitles . You just have to register to be able to access it.
  • Downsub is a great resource that lets you paste a YouTube link and download the subtitles for that video . Obviously, it works better if the video in question is already manually subtitled, but even if it is not, you can download the automatic subtitles which are becoming more and more reliable. Subtitles are downloadable in SRT format or as a TXT file. You can open these files in Notepad or any other text editor.

Where to download English subtitles

If your level of English is not high enough to understand everything , you can also put the subtitles in English. Here are some sites that will allow you to do so:

  • Again, you can use OpenSubtitles by filtering the results to find only English subtitles . It’s handy to be able to use the same site to download both American English and English subtitles!
  • ytssubtitle.com is a very complete site, which allows you to search for subtitles in  English . It is very practical in the event that the films or series have completely different titles in the two languages and thus makes it easy to find them. For example, the movie No Strings Attached became Sex Friends in France.
  • TVsubtitles.net : despite its intrusive advertisements, the site offers interesting content. Here you can find subtitles in many languages, for movies, TV series, cartoons, etc.

Where to find the series scripts

Do you like to read in English ? If the answer is yes, then you can work with scripts for your favorite movies and TV shows just like you do with literary works . We’ve already talked about this technique in our How to Learn English with Friends article , but of course it can be applied no matter what title you choose. Of course, you have the option of simply opening the subtitles in a text editor (like Notepad), but you can also download the script for a series or a movie in English.

Here are two helpful resources:

  • Forever Dreaming Transcripts allows you to check scripts in your browser without having to download them . This is handy if you want to check something while watching.
  • Transcript DB offers scripts for series and movies in English too.

How to use scripts to practice your English

After watching a movie or an episode of a series in English, you can then work with the script to practice new words and phrases. You have to revise to retain new information. It’s actually not too addictive an exercise, because without the gestures, body language, and facial expressions that take up most of the action, the scripts aren’t that long. You can read them again when you are on the bus or while waiting in line.

Another way to get more out of scripts is to translate them . If you have the patience and discipline, this can be an effective exercise in picking up new vocabulary .

To do this, I advise you first to read the scripts in English all . Then set them aside for a few days. Finally, take the English script and translate it into Simple English. This is the perfect opportunity to fill in your gaps and check out some words that are still unfamiliar to you. Don’t worry if you forgot them, that’s how our memory works . Compare your translation to the any language script.

Then, translate the other way: from Any language to English . It’s obviously more complicated, but it will allow you to see if you can reuse the vocabulary and expressions yourself. What’s great is that you can compare your translation to the original version which will serve as your proofreading.

It’s obviously not mandatory, but if you have the time, you can do this exercise occasionally.


How to put subtitles in english

Many platforms already offer subtitles that you don’t have to download, just enable them . Here’s how to enable subtitles:


On Youtube

Where can I find a video with English subtitles? How to put subtitles on a YouTube video?

First, you can use the filter on YouTube to only see results from videos that already have subtitles (no automatic translations). Click on Filters and then mark that you want to receive only subtitled video results ( Subtitles/ CC ):

Where to find English subtitlesFind English Subtitled Videos on YouTube

📸 Practicing English on YouTube, anyone? Then discover our dedicated articles:

  • Learn English on YouTube to find the best educational YouTube channels .
  • English Youtubers to practice your English .

So you can start taking advantage of natural content to progress in English! If you come across unfamiliar words that prevent you from understanding a sentence, check them in an English dictionary .

And if you want to watch an English video that doesn’t have subtitles yet, feel free to turn on automatic subtitles . It’s getting more and more accurate and while it’s not as accurate as manually written captions, it’s better than nothing.


On Netflix

Since English is the global language, most series and movies on Netflix already have subtitles, but to be sure, you can still search for Subtitles in English to only get results of titles with subtitles in English. English.

Where to find English subtitlesLearn English on Netflix


English and any language subtitles at the same time

Is it still too hard for you to watch something in English with English subtitles? If so, you have the option of watching a movie or series with subtitles in two languages at the same time , which can serve as a springboard for finally being able to settle for English.

To do this, you need to install extensions on your browser. These are add-ons that allow you to modify your user interface to take advantage of additional features, such as watching a video with English and any language subtitles at the same time.

We only know of extensions for Chrome, but if you know of extensions for other browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc.), please leave us a comment.

That being said, here is the extension to watch videos, movies and series with subtitles in two languages on Chrome: Language Learning with Netflix & YouTube

Where to find English subtitles


Which video player to use?

Like subtitle sites, the choice of video players is large and it is not necessarily clear which one to use. I recommend that you try VLC media player , a powerful software that allows you to play with what you are watching, rewind, listen to a looped extract to work on your pronunciation and put the subtitles of your choice.

The software even allows you to work with audio files that you can listen to on loop to improve your English listening comprehension and pronunciation, similar to the Monologues and Dialogues in our Click & Speak training .


How to learn English with subtitled films or series?

You’re going to tell me that all that is very nice, but how will it help me to progress in English ?! Here are several approaches you can take to get the most out of English subtitles and become bilingual.

The benefits of subtitles:

  • they help you get used to the differences between written and spoken language ,
  • you start to read faster in English,
  • you improve your oral comprehension,
  • you learn new vocabulary (often unconsciously),
  • you use your visual and auditory memory at the same time.

And now, here are several approaches you can take to get the most out of English subtitles:

  1. Watch the audio in Hindi and put the subtitles in English.
  2. Watch with English audio and English subtitles.
  3. Watch with audio in English and subtitles in both languages.
  4. Watch with English audio and English subtitles.
  5. Take notes, try to work with the contents more actively.
  6. Use YouGlish and Wiktionary to explore all the ways new words and phrases can be used.
  7. Look again! Quality is better than quantity.

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