We take IELTS. Tranquility, only tranquility!

Are you afraid to take IELTS? We offer you 5 tips to combat the fear of the exam from leading experts!

No one likes to take exams – because of them we are nervous and feel uncomfortable. Exams undermine self-confidence and lead to stress. And in the worst case, you can begin to panic and lose the ability to think clearly.

And IELTS no exception. A lot of it is frightening, unless, of course, you know for sure how to cope with different tasks. People are afraid of the unknown, so you can solve the problem by studying in detail the most “scary” aspects of IELTS. It is enough to get rid of the surprise factor – and your fears will dissipate.

Five things that people are most afraid of on IELTS:

1. I will skip the answers on the listening

Fear of losing concentrationAsk any IELTS student what they fear in listening, and you’ll be told, “I’m afraid to listen to the answers and not keep track of the recording.”

There is only one way to get rid of this fear – practice. By practicing, you will feel confident in yourself, learn not to be distracted from the film and move forward, even if you miss one or two answers. You will also understand your weaknesses, which tasks cause you the greatest difficulties. Paying special attention to them, you will not lose valuable points and increase the overall result.

 2. I don’t have enough time

The most common fear in the reading and writing sections is not meeting the allotted time. The best way to deal with it is to control the situation by following the rules of time management. You’ll be offered a few paragraphs, and under no circumstances should you spend all your time on one of them.

Use a time management technique called divide and conquer. At the beginning of the exam, divide the allotted time into equal intervals, write down what time you should go to the next paragraph, and strictly adhere to this plan. Even if you haven’t answered all the questions, move on. Following this system, although you will miss some questions, you will answer most of them.

 3. I will have nothing to write about

Fear of creative dead end. Many students are afraid that they will get such an essay topic that they will not be able to write anything. The easiest way to get rid of this fear is to read a lot of essays on different topics, remembering other people’s ideas. The fact is that IELTS examiners do not care about the source of information, it is important how your essay is written.

 4. I’ll say the wrong thing

Fear of making the “wrong” thought. Whatever many people think, there are no right and wrong ideas. As long as the student talks about the topic and logically expresses his thoughts, no idea will harm his result.

 5. I will have nothing to say

Fear of communicating with the examiner. Often, people feel insecure in an interview because they have little or no time to think. “What if I get asked a question and I don’t know what to say? To cope with this fear, for two weeks tell yourself the topics from the list: realizing that you can speak well, you can prove it to the examiner.

Some students are nervous about their answer being written down. Oddly enough, this procedure was introduced to evaluate the examiner, not the student. If the assessor is not satisfied with the score, then the revision is possible only if his answer was recorded.

And in conclusion, I repeat once again – we are afraid of the unknown and feel calm in a familiar environment. Don’t let irrational fears become an obstacle to success!

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