TOEFL: the results of this test determine your future!

Study abroad


Universities and colleges themselves determine the minimum score that must be given to the candidate upon admission. And it depends on the format in which the exam was taken: PBT (on paper) or iBT (on a computer). Thus, most educational institutions require a minimum of 80 points during the TOEFL iBT test (in PBT – 215), which corresponds to language proficiency at the Middle Advanced level.


If the candidate’s goal is to enroll in an MBA program in a business school, higher TOEFL results are needed. For example, many institutions of this type require an average score of 100 points on the computer version of the test. In the paper test format, this score corresponds to 260 points. It is these results that show knowledge of English at the Level of Upper Advanced and confirm the candidate’s ability to study at MBA courses.

Internship and employment


Foreign companies also often require a candidate to confirm knowledge of the English language, not only for employment, but also for internships. They take this issue no less seriously than educational institutions. For example, many companies require a minimum of 85 points (PBT – from 230) during computer testing. When applying for a position directly related to live communication, you may need a higher score – from 96 points (corresponds to the Level of Upper Advanced).



Migration services require the presentation of a TOEFL certificate (more details on the official website) in order to assess a person’s readiness to live in an English-speaking environment. The minimum result for many consulates is 85 points (PBT – from 230). However, the conditions of migration services often depend on the purpose of entry into the country. For student and work visas, the requirements are higher than for obtaining permanent residence abroad. If a candidate wants to move abroad, the consulate can arrange 65 – 78 points.

Having decided to take the test, you should not focus on the minimum permissible TOEFL results. After all, the higher the score in the certificate, the more prospects its owner has. The ability to freely choose the country of residence, place of work or study is worth the effort that will be spent on preparing and successfully passing the test.

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