TOEFL Listening: What to look out for?

TOEFL Listening is one of the four components of the TOEFL exam. It is not too difficult to prepare for this part, but, nevertheless, every year a lot of students are cut off at the listening session. The problem most often is not that they do not hear English well, but that they do not listen to it correctly.

It is impossible to prepare for TOEFL Listening in a week or two. The listening skill is cumulative, so the best thing you can do for a high score is to start listening to English right now. Fortunately, there are plenty of materials. Watch only English movies, listen to music and the latest news releases, as well as specially prepared courses, such as, for example, “Listening to the News”. Gradually, the speech of the speakers will become more and more understandable for you. Pay attention to winged words and expressions, pay attention to idioms.

You should focus extremely on the content of the speaker, do not worry about the form – do not be confused by the background and manner of speech of the speaker.

Speaking directly about the test itself, it is worth mentioning several important points.

The first thing you should do at the first audition is to catch the main essence of the text.

What is its main focus? What is this all about? You must definitely learn to isolate the fundamental idea, be able to hear the key points and important details.

The second time, pay attention to smaller details. 

Questions can relate to the most insignificant things – remember the time, location, days of the week, etc. Your faithful assistant can also be intonation. More often than not, raising your voice means disagreeing.

The first part of the section, despite the apparent lightness, is quite dangerous. It’s always full of pitfalls. But there are also small tricks that can make it easier for the person who gives up his life. As a rule, you should listen to the answers as carefully as possible, practice shows that the main questions are asked to them. Listen also to the denials, they completely change the meaning and, accordingly, this must be taken into account in the answers.

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