TOEFL Kaplan – Benefits Features

Vocabulary Quiz Book

A useful book for those who want to thoroughly work on vocabulary. In this manual you will find expressions that are quite common on a real exam. More than 350 phrases with an accurate explanation, examples of their use, use in different contexts, etc. TOEFL Kaplan is also useful for high-quality preparation for writing an essay.

Kaplan TOEFL Idioms

Idioms are stable expressions that can occur in different types of tests. In addition, the appropriate use of modern phrases will help to earn the favor of the teacher and surprise the examiner, who will check your written work. This edition presents fresh idioms (more than 350 units). Structure and illustration make it easy to remember unfamiliar expressions.

Kaplan TOEFL iBT

This is the main tutorial that you will need in the process of preparing for the exam. It can be used to organize complex classes even without the participation of the teacher. The main advantage is complete identity to real tests. Such Kaplan TOEFL manuals are issued almost annually. The books include useful information on passing the test, 4 examples of full-fledged exams on the attached disc, tasks for listening, 8 parts of tests for reading, writing and practicing oral speech. The main “feature” of the book is hundreds of tips that help to get good scores on the exam. The book contains advice from both professional teachers and students who have already taken the TOEFL. It is advisable to purchase the latest edition, because in a few years the specifics of the exam could change slightly.

Thus, the publishing house Kaplan offers many manuals for those who want to get good points on the TOEFL. You can also supplement your program with other Kaplan textbooks that are not designed to prepare for a standardized test, but to improve your Overall English proficiency.

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