TOEFL Exam Preparation – An Effective Strategy

1. Assess the level of your knowledge

In order to draw up a training plan, it is necessary to conduct an initial diagnosis of the level of foreign language proficiency. To do this, you can use the tests offered on the Internet. There are examples of TOEFL that are identical to the tasks you will encounter during testing. You should also consult a specialist.

2. Choose a tutor 

If you have the opportunity, use the services of a professional teacher. In this case, he will independently select the necessary program and intensity of the educational process.

3. Take care of regularity

Preparation for the TOEFL exam should include not only classes with a tutor, but also homework. Try to study English at least 3-4 times a week. Choose a good guide for practical exercises and do them from time to time.

4. Practice

To successfully pass the TOEFL, you need to know its specifics. Samples of tests from past years and specialized textbooks will help you with this. A qualified tutor who has already been preparing for the TOEFL will tell you what to look for when passing the exam. Train your memory and learn to focus on the main thing.

5. Change your lifestyle

If you are aimed at a very high result, then you will have to study English even in your free time. Fans of TV series should start watching movies in the original. Also try to switch to English music. Read the works of classics and modern authors, study newspapers and magazines. From time to time, you can watch American TV shows.

6. Follow the success

Several times a month, you need to recheck the level of your knowledge. What for? This will help determine the effectiveness of classes and find out what points you need to pay special attention to. Constant self-diagnosis is especially relevant if you decide to work without a tutor.

Preparing for the TOEFL is not difficult, each of us can do it. Follow these simple tips and you’re sure to get great points.

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