TOEFL Exam: Facts Only


– TOEFL consists of the following sections: reading, listening, interviewing and writing.
– The whole exam takes about four hours.
– At the interview, you speak into the microphone, and the answer is recorded and sent for evaluation in the ETS Online Scoring Network.
– In the “Email” section, you type your answers on your computer, which will then be sent for evaluation to the ETS Online Scoring Network.
– Answers to the questions of the “Interview” and “Letter” sections are checked by specially trained and ETS certified examiners.
– This test is not adaptive.
– Throughout the exam, you can make notes.


– There is no separate grammar section on this exam.
– Knowledge of grammar is tested in all four sections.
– Compared to previous versions of the TOEFL, adding interviews and expanding the written section require students to have a higher level of English.
– New integrated questions assess your ability to highlight and combine information from different sources.

Reading, listening, interviewing and writing

– The “Reading” section consists of 3-5 passages of text (about 700 words in each) and 12-14 questions for them.
– In total, there are about fifty questions in this section, which usually take 60-100 minutes to complete.
– The “Interview” section consists of 4-6 lectures and 6 questions after each, as well as 2-3 dialogues and 5 questions after each of them.
– In the “Interview” section, you will be offered two regular tasks in which you just need to listen and talk, and two integrated, which combine reading, listening and speaking skills.
– The “Writing” section consists of one regular and one integrated task.


– For TOEFL iBT you get five different points: separately for each section and the final one.
– The section is rated on a scale from 0 to 30 points.
– The final score is the sum of the four results in the sections.
– The total score can vary from 0-120.
– The result of the exam is valid for two years.
– You can take the TOEFL iBT once every seven days, even if they wrote a test before that, but annulled the result.
– The cost of passing the exam in Russia is 250 dollars.

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