The best humanitarian universities in the UK: what you need to know and how to prepare

British universities are generally recognized as the best for studying the humanities. Relying on the rich historical heritage and cultural traditions, educational institutions of Great Britain build the learning process in such a way that students receive deep and versatile knowledge in fundamental subjects – history, philosophy, sociology, linguistics and others. In the article we will talk about the two best humanitarian universities of Foggy Albion, their programs and admission rules.

University of Essex

Founded in 1963, the State University of Essex is one of the best liberal arts universities not only in the UK, but also in the world. Its three campuses today have nearly 15,000 students from around the world.

According to the state grading system Teaching Excellence Framework, the university in Essex is the owner of a gold rating for outstanding achievements in the field of teaching, and it is more than difficult to achieve such a result. In 2018, at the Times Higher Education Awards ceremony, the educational institution received the title of “University of the Year”.

Since 2020, the University of Essex is consistently included in the top 25 universities in the UK. He was twice awarded the Honorary Royal Prize for the promotion of human rights and socio-economic research.

Structure of the university

The university consists of three faculties, including 21 schools and a special department covering the humanities, social and medical sciences:

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Science and Health

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of History.

Department of Literature, Cinema and Theatre Studies.

Oriental School of Acting.

School of Hospitality.

School of Philosophy and Art History.

School of Law

School of Biological Sciences.

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

School of Health and Social Protection.

Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Department of Psychology.

School of Sports, Rehabilitation and Physical Exercises

Faculty of Economics.

Department of Government.

Department of Language and Linguistics.

Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Research.

Department of Sociology.

Essex Business School.

Institute of Social and Economic Research.

UK Data Archive

Admission rules

Applications for admission to the University of Essex begin to be accepted in October. You can apply through UCAS – the official British student reception service. General requirements for admission to faculties include:

  • A-Level Certificate of General Secondary Education;
  • BTEC qualification;
  • CTEC qualification;
  • diploma or certificate of international baccalaureate;
  • QAA approved diploma of higher education.

Those who do not have English as a native language must pass IELTS for a score of 6.0 out of 9.0 with a minimum score of 5.5 for each section.

Tuition fees

The cost of training depends on the faculty. The minimum price for the year is 17,700 pounds, the maximum is 20,650 pounds.

They are proud of the University of Essex

British actress Alison Stedman.

If you watched the miniseries Pride and Prejudice, you probably remember the actress in the role of Bennett. But in the piggy bank of this graduate of the University of Essex there are many interesting works. For example, for the best actress in the play “The Rise and Fall of the Voice”, she received the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award.

Ben Okri is a Nigerian writer.

He writes novels, poems, essays. For the novel “The Hunger Road” in 1991 he received the Booker Prize. By the way, today he is an honorary doctor of his native university in Essex. And also a Knight of the Order of the British Empire.

Stephen Daldry is a director and producer. He studied, however, at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Sheffield, but he completed his postgraduate studies in acting at the University of Essex. Nominee for such prestigious awards as “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”, and winner of the “Emma” award. “Billy Elliot”, “Everest”, “Terribly Loud and Extremely Close” – these and other films brought him world fame as a director, and in total in his piggy bank there are 39 works.

We will not list all of them, we will only note that among the famous graduates are a lawyer, a public activist, writers, a statesman, a political scientist and a documentary film director.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is the seventh largest university in the UK, with 23,155 undergraduate and 12,605 postgraduate students. The University of Birmingham was founded in 1900. The university consists of two campuses Edgbaston and Selly Oak. By the way, Edgbaston is the only university campus on the UK mainland with its own railway station.

The University of Birmingham includes Library Services, which manages six university libraries. Their collections contain an impressive collection of 200,000 rare printed books collected over 120 years, as well as more than 4 million unique archives and manuscripts.

Structure of the university

The University of Birmingham consists of 5 colleges that cover a wide range of disciplines.

Art and Law:

  • English language;
  • drama and creativity;
  • history and culture;
  • foreign languages;
  • world culture;
  • history of art and music;
  • Birmingham Law School;
  • philosophy, theology and religion.

Engineering and Physical Sciences:

  • chemistry;
  • chemical engineering;
  • informatics;
  • Engineering (including the Faculties of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Systems Engineering);
  • mathematics;
  • metallurgy and materials;
  • physics and astronomy.

Life and Environmental Sciences:

  • Biological Sciences:
  • Geography
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences;
  • psychology;
  • the science of sports and exercise.

Medical and Dental Sciences:

  • Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences;
  • Institute of Clinical Sciences;
  • Institute of Gerontology;
  • Institute for Applied Health Research;
  • Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences;
  • Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy;
  • Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research;
  • Institute of Microbiology and Infection.

Social Sciences:

  • Birmingham Business School;
  • education;
  • government and society;
  • social policy.

The university operates a number of research centres and schools, including the University of Birmingham School of Medicine, the Department of International Development, the Institute of Local Government Studies, the Centre for West African Studies and the Centre for Russian and East European Studies.

Admission rules

Applications to the university are accepted from October 1 through UCAS. Applicants with the following qualifications are allowed for admission:

  • three levels of GCE A (including international levels A);
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma;
  • SQA Highers and Advanced Highers;
  • Cambridge Pre-U (minimum three separate subjects);
  • a combination of A-level and Cambridge Pre-U subjects (minimum three);
  • European Baccalaureate;
  • Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge certificate.

The minimum IELTS score for international students is 6.0 out of 9.0. At the same time, for each section it is necessary to get at least 5.5 points.

Tuition fees

Annual rates at the University of Birmingham are divided into 4 groups of subjects:

  • Group 1: Humanities – £19,020 to £19,740.
  • Group 2: accounting and finance, economics, business, sports, physical education, psychology and sports – from 20,340 to 22,260 pounds.
  • Group 3: Anatomy, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Metallurgy, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Electronics and Engineering – £23,400 to £25,860.
  • Group 4: Clinical Dentistry and Clinical Medicine – £42,000.

As can be seen from the admission rules, British humanitarian universities require minimum passing scores on IELTS. To obtain them, you will need to study the official textbooks and expand your vocabulary on IELTS Vocabulary. You can prepare for IELTS both individually and in groups. In any case, online courses with qualified teachers with solid practical experience will be a reliable way to improve your Knowledge of English.

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