Today we will tell you about a technique that has become very popular and which many learners take advantage of to master several foreign languages. We are talking about the technique of shadowing !

What is shadowing?

👥 Let’s start with the meaning of the word: the word shadow means shadow and the term alludes to following someone or something as if you were their shadow. In the context of foreign languages, the term is used to describe listening to English content and repeating each sentence after the recording (or the person in front of you) as if casting a shadow over the words.

It is considered that it is mainly thanks to doctor Alexander Argüelles that the technique has become so popular. He has studied over 60 languages and claims to have mastered 10.

Many polyglots talk about this technique and recommend it. Some of the advantages are that:

  • it’s a technique to work on your pronunciation in English,
  • it’s a way to automate words and phrases
  • as we begin to absorb vocabulary and expressions naturally.

How to apply shadow to improve your pronunciation in English?

If you want to apply this technique in your own English learning:

  • choose materials to listen to in English. The level must be adapted to your skills: neither too easy nor too difficult.
  • I recommend that you start with simple sentences and not with a long text. For example, you can use the monologues on Click & Speak .
  • Start by listening to your recording a few times , try to identify a few words, to understand the gist of what is being said.
  • After listening several times, start repeating after the native speakers. Don’t stress if you can’t talk as fast as them, it’s completely natural and even the experts struggle when they do!
  • Don’t worry if you don’t understand something: the main idea is to work on your English pronunciation, so focus on the sounds you use instead .
  • See the text accompanying your recording (if available). Use it to better understand what you just heard and said!
  • Once you start being able to repeat the same text (or phrase) at a speed similar to native speakers, you can keep going!

Resources for using shadowing

Ideally, the content you will choose to apply shadowing will be interesting and adapted to your level . Check out some of the resources on the blog that you can use to work on your English pronunciation and become bilingual :

  • Podcasts
  • audiobooks
  • YouTube videos
  • Series
  • sitcoms
  • Movies
  • Youglish videos



How to improve my accent with Click & Speak

Many users claim that they use this technique when working on their English on Click & Speak , perhaps even without knowing the name! Our online English course has a huge amount of living phrases, recorded by native speakers.

With Click & Speak it is very easy to repeat a sentence, a word or even a sound. You can (and are encouraged!) to use this content to apply the shadowing technique . By repeating after the Monologues and Dialogues, by imitating the pronunciation and intonation of the actors and helped by our intelligent review system to memorize , you will eventually become multilingual!


Practice this technique regularly, using content that appeals to you, and you’ll be speaking like a native in no time! 🙂