Preparing for the GMAT: The Math Section

The article gives an overview of the mathematical part of the Graduate Management Admissions Test GMAT, which is one of the main ones in this exam.

It is divided into two main sections (data sufficiency – data sufficiency and problem solving– problem solving), and evaluates the ability of participants to conceptually approach mathematical tasks.

 Mathematical component

Many GMAT students are most worried about the math section, especially those who haven’t done math in a long time. However, the content of the test is not considered too complex or advanced. In fact, many GMAT assignments are notabove the high school level.

In the mathematical part, applicants must demonstrate the ability to solve problems and analyze numbers. This section consists of 37 questions, for which 75 minutes are allocated. The level of difficulty depends on the student’s abilities, which is determined by the computer adaptive format of the test.

As in the other two sections of the GMAT, knowledge of different types of questions is key to successful preparation.

 Data Sufficiency considerations

Many people mistakenly believe that the mathematical part of the GMAT consists entirely of problems, however, the data sufficiency section tests the participant’s ability to analyze the task and divide it into components in order to find a solution.

All data sufficiency tasks are presented in a single format: a question and then two statements. Applicants must choose one of five options, which relate to the sufficiency of these statements to answer the main question. The options in all the tasks of the section do not change, so it is worth remembering them so as not to waste time reading.

 Issues in the Problem Solving section

 Problem solving tasks in the mathematical section of the GMAT are more traditional: the applicant is offered a question and five answer options.

The level of complexity of these questions is comparable to the mathematics of high school, however, those who have not repeated it for a long time will need special training. To understand how intense it should be, test yourself by solving examples of GMAT tasks.

We also advise you to familiarize yourself with the material “Tips from the GMAT guru”.

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