Passing the GRE General test

The GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) test tests the knowledge, skills and abilities of applicants for admission to master’s, business schools and graduate schools in the United States.

To register for testing, you can use several options:

1. Log in to the site, create your account, choose the city and testing center that suits you. Pay for participation in testing with a plastic card MasterCard, Visa or American Express. As a result, you will receive an identification number for testing, find out the date and time of its conduct in the selected center. This data must be printed.

2. Download the registration form on the above website, fill it out and send it by fax or mail to the regional testing center. The addresses of all centers can also be found on the official website. You must also send a copy of the payment document.

The cost of participation in the GRE test is $ 160, the exam in the subjects – $ 140. This amount includes sending test results to 4 universities or to participate in sponsorship programs. If you need a larger number, you will need to pay $ 20 for each additional certificate.

In Moscow, you can take the GRE General test and the GRE Specialized Test in Mathematics (GRE Subject Tests in Mathematics) at the authorized center at the address: ACET Center (American Center for Education and Testing), Leninsky Prospekt, 2, of. 530.

It is necessary to register as early as possible, but no later than 4 days before the official date of the exam. It should be borne in mind that the number of free places is limited and it is not worth postponing the registration procedure. We also recommend that you take the GRE test a few months before the deadline at the university or business school in order to have time, if necessary, to retake the exam and improve your result. This can be done no more than once every two months and no more than five times a year.

When registering, you must correctly indicate your data in accordance with the identity document.

Cancellation and postponement of the delivery date

To postpone the GRE exam, you need to contact ETS by phone, fax or e-mail and provide your details (name, date of birth, address, registration number, date of delivery, address of the selected test center and new date of delivery). At the time of the postponement of the date, you should already have a check confirming the payment of the commission for the implementation of this procedure. The cost of postponing the date is $ 50. You must do everything necessary no later than four days before the originally selected date of delivery.

To cancel the test, the same conditions are maintained as when the date is postponed. If you manage to cancel the exam within the specified timeframe, you will be refunded half of the amount previously paid for participation in the exam.

How the exam works

On the day of the test, you need to come to the center no later than 30 minutes before the start, be sure to take an identity document with a photo. Due to increased security measures, it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement. You can not take with you to the test room any things, including phones, food and drinks. Paper for drafts will be provided to you. At the end, nothing can be taken out.

First, students will be asked to take the Analytical Writing section, which consists of two essays: Analyze an Argument and Analyze an Issue. Each task is allocated 30 minutes. This is followed by a two-part Verbal Reasoning section, with 20 questions each. Students have 30 minutes to complete each part of this work. In conclusion, you will need to pass the Quantitative Reasoning section, which also involves the implementation of two parts, 20 tasks in each. Each will be allocated 35 minutes to complete. Be careful! The Analytical Writing section always goes first, while the order of the next two sections can vary. In total, there are six sections in the test and after passing the third section, a ten-minute break usually follows.

Please note that the GRE exam is adaptive at the level of sections and subsections, that is, the indicators in the first verbal section will determine the level of complexity of the second, and the passage of the first mathematical section will affect the tasks of the next.

As for the score you need, it all depends on the chosen program. On some there is a clear minimum, on others it is nothing more than a formality. Usually, for humanitarian programs, the result of the verbal part is more important, while in such primordial mathematical disciplines as accounting, it is ensured that candidates have high scores for the mathematical part. Therefore, try to get a result that will help you to be in the school of your dreams!

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