IELTS: how to overcome the fear of performance

Although, when a student takes the speech structure section on IELTS, the examiner will be the only stranger in the room, he will still experience this unpleasant feeling, which is called the fear of speaking. Considering how important an important role IELTS will play in a student’s career, this feeling is quite normal, because even the most experienced speakers feel the same way. It can’t be avoided, but it can be won. We bring to your attention several ways to deal with fear before the performance:

Immersion method 

This method helps to get rid of the fear of speaking. Join different school clubs, groups and any other organizations. During team meetings and even during work, try not to be a reserve player, but to participate in discussions and make suggestions.

This method is useful at least because you will gain self-confidence. And when you’re given a verbal assignment, you’ll understand how he helped you.

Coin Method 

Although this method seems strange, nevertheless, it works. Put coins in socks or shoes before the performance. The coldness of the metal in contact with your feet will help you relax.

Mirror Method 

This method is useful if you are giving a pre-prepared speech. Train in front of the mirror, so you can evaluate your gestures, the manner of holding, speaking and, of course, posture.

Friends Method 

After practicing in front of the mirror, perform in front of family or friends. The best judges are the ones who love you. Real friends or relatives won’t let you get into trouble.

Method of replenishment of knowledge 

Use all modern technical means: radio, television and even printing – books, newspapers, magazines. Listen and read as much as possible, and you will acquire new knowledge. That alone will reduce the fear of the audience. After all, you will be well versed in pronunciation, grammar and, of course, the topics of speeches.

Each of these methods is useful in combating the fear of performances. Practice leads to perfection, so use any of them – and good luck!

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