How to motivate yourself to prepare for the exam

Sometimes exam preparation turns into an endless marathon. Over time, you get tired: you begin to skip the days of classes, do exercises for a tick, motivate yourself becomes more and more difficult … Stop! Don’t do that. Today, together we will figure out how to return – or find – motivation in preparation.

Write study plan

Perhaps the motivation disappeared because the classes became too monotonous. This happens if, for example, you do one trial test after another or read one article from the same source every day. The lesson plan will help you notice and correct such recurring moments. If you evenly distribute reading, writing and listening throughout the week; classes with a teacher and independently; watching your favorite TV shows and running grammar, then it will become more interesting to study again.

Remember discipline

Motivation is great and rewarding. You are burning with your goal, ready to move mountains and clearly understand why you need this exam. However, sometimes motivation must be replaced by discipline. By the way, the study plan from the tip above will help greatly with this. Yes, we get tired, there are not the most successful days, laziness overcomes. However, before the exam, there should be a little English in each of your days. Even if it seems that the strength is no longer there, try to take another small step. And one more. One more thing. After a while, these steps will lead you to the desired result.

Change the teacher

Exam preparation is an important task. You have to feel the support of the teacher and see your progress. And yet – in the classroom it should be comfortable. If you think something is wrong, discuss your observations with the teacher and ask them to change what you don’t like. For example, if you do not feel very confident in speaking and want to practice more or if the criteria for evaluating an essay remain a mystery to you. If the teacher does not listen to his wishes and does not comment on his methods, there is nothing wrong with changing the teacher.

Pay for a block of classes

If finances allow, and your teacher is completely satisfied with you, try to pay for a large block of classes. This will give you confidence that even in moments of laziness and lack of intrinsic motivation, you will have to come to class. Experienced teachers usually notice well when a student begins to burn out with intensive training. They will adjust the training plan, discuss progress or even radically change something in the classes. External motivation from the teacher can give new strength.

Share successes and difficulties

Communication with like-minded people will help to make the preparation more exciting and not to give up. Can you imagine how many people are now preparing for the same exam as you? Try to find thematic groups or chats in instant messengers and social networks to share experiences. In such groups, you can compare essays, train the oral part in an informal setting, find a study buddy or ask for advice.

Track your progress

Of course, it is better to do this from the very beginning of the preparation. Make a table in Excel or design a page in a glider. In it, you can enter the results of mock tests, the number of points for certain tasks, comments from a teacher who praises your work or advises what to pay special attention to. In moments of fatigue, the progress tracker will help you see how much has already been passed and how your skills have improved.


Take a break. Choose a permissible period of time for you – a day, a weekend or even a week – and arrange a mini-vacation. Don’t read about the exam, don’t talk about the exam, don’t even think about the exam. A small reboot will help you distract yourself, and the brain will help to process all the information received. After such a break, you will resume training with fresh strength.

Sign up for the exam

As a rule, paying for the exam and knowing a certain date helps to gather the will into a fist and study as intensively as possible. You realize that there is no way back and again you begin to devote time to preparation every day, even if before there was laziness or no time.

Do you have work tips on how to keep you motivated? Share in the comments!

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