GMAT Official Guide: Features and Benefits of the Book

Preparing for the GMAT exam requires not only effort, but also good teaching materials. And to make it easier for students to learn, the supervising organization of the GMAC test has released its own manual. The GMAT Official Guide is a huge success today, which can easily be attributed to its incredible efficiency.


The official manual is a course of full preparation for the GMAT test. The latest 13th edition of this book contains a lot of useful information, theory and practical exercises, providing the student with obtaining all the necessary knowledge and skills during his studies. On its pages there are descriptions of the test and tasks, as well as the basic requirements and rules of the GMAT. In addition, the book contains useful information about the passage of testing, various strategies, expert advice, tips and explanations.

The GMAT Official Guide includes more than 900 different practical exercises on the tasks of each section. Particular attention is paid to the Integrated Reasoning section. To prepare for this section, the textbook has more than 50 training tasks with correct answers and explanations, as well as useful tips for their implementation. The main advantage of the official manual can be considered the presence in it of a diagnostic section with mock tests identical to the real exam.

Advantages of the book

The book, developed and published by GMAC, provides an opportunity to undergo comprehensive training. It contains a lot of theory and various exercises, which allows you to gain knowledge and improve your skills in performing various tasks of all sections: Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing.

Maximum benefit will give not only educational material, but also other information. Working with the book, the student learns about the features of the assessment of the test, the strategies for its passage, the most common mistakes, types of tasks and ways to perform them. In addition, the official manual will allow you to try your hand at conditions close to this exam. The practice tests available in the book have typical exam tasks and time limits, which makes them an ideal tool for internships.

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