Online English lessons on your own

Courses, marathons, and simulators on the Ieltstuts platform help organize the process of learning English independently and at any level of learning.

The learning system on the platform is based on the “languages ​​as a lifestyle” methodology from linguist and language blogger Ieltstuts. This means that the study of a foreign language goes on daily, step by step, and new knowledge is applied as often as possible in practice.

English Courses at Ieltstuts

  • The platform offers learning programs for different purposes and levels of English.
  • Classes are built from simple to complex with the obligatory consolidation of each step in practice.
  • Therefore, your level of the language can be increased gradually.

About English courses

It is not difficult to find English language courses in India, but not all of them provide a complete set of knowledge and opportunities for honing language skills. The programs that the Ieltstuts Language Center offers today are much more than “conversational English”. The language center approaches the issue of teaching students as professionally and efficiently as possible.

Level courses

After registering on the platform, we offer you to choose your level in learning English. Then the system will show the appropriate course for the level.

From scratch - Beginner

A course for those who are taking their first steps in learning English. We build the foundation of English speech.

From Beginner - Elementary

The course is for those who already have minimal knowledge of the English language, but still, need to build a base.

From Elementary - Intermediate

A course for those who already continue learning English. Transition to the intermediate or middle level of english  education.

Above Average - Intermediate+

A course for learners of English at the intermediate level and above. Preparation for the advanced level.

Certificate and diploma are not the same

You can have dozens of diplomas, but still not be a truly professional teacher. The philosophy of the center is that if you yourself do not speak English perfectly, you cannot be a teacher. Language practice in the best schools, the experience of communicating with native speakers – this is what the English gurus in the center can boast of.

Ieltstuts is of the opinion that you can confirm your qualifications in English only by passing independent testing according to international assessment systems – TOEFL, IELTS, or CAE. All teachers of the center have such certificates, and they have only high marks.


At marathons daily tasks are offered "for time" with video instructions for them. Based on the results of the task, a report is written. The level of the student in this case can be any.

Language Time Management

Organization of the process of learning and practicing the language: from the goal to the action plan.

Foreign Language Non-Stop

How to find your language learning style and develop the habit of regular practice of English.


How to improve listening comprehension in English through video and audio.

How are English courses on Ieltstuts

The programs consist of several parts, each of which has sets of lessons on the topic. Each lesson contains: video, translation task, listening and practice test.

As the course or individual lesson progresses, the progress of the student is noted on a special scale, and the time of classes is also recorded.

The lessons are accompanied by lists of thematic vocabulary, which can be immediately practiced or sent to a personal dictionary.

A personal dictionary on the site allows you to save the necessary words and phrases in the learning process directly online. Each word is accompanied by a card with an example of its use and voice acting. A word or phrase added to the dictionary can be memorized on simulators of various formats and the degree of memorization can be monitored.

Thematic courses

Programs of this type are more specialized. This can be training on an English-language cartoon or TV series with an analysis of each series, English for tourists or a grammar excursion.

GoGo Loves English

Children's cartoon about the dragon Gogo from the publishing house Longman. Learn English from scratch!

English For

Basic English course for tourists. Learn the most important phrases of the English Lesson. Help you in great way.

Festivals and Celebrations

A course on the holiday traditions of the United States and Great Britain in text and audio format.


Children's cartoon about Muzzy and his friends from the BBC for practicing English from scratch.


A series for students with an intermediate level of English from the British TV channel Channel 4.

Famous Places

An advanced level course about the most mysterious places on our planet in text and audio format.

Workshop 12 English Tenses

A series of video lessons and tasks for working out English tenses.

English For Travel

Intermediate course for travelers; prepared and voiced by native English speakers (American English).

How to start an English course on Ieltstuts

To learn English on the Ieltstuts platform in an interesting way, you need to go through an English course section. 

After going to that section, the page of the English course will open. The system will immediately prompt you to define your goals and time for classes.

Then you can check the level of English and choose a course. To do this, you need to answer several questions of our test. Depending on the answers, the site will issue recommendations for a thematic course, a marathon or a level course.

All that remains is to press the “start” button next to the training!