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At, we love books. You have already been advised which first English book to read, where to find books and which English audiobooks to listen to. We like to read… but we also like to write and create 🙂 So today, we invite you to discover our best books for learning English.

Book to get you back to languages

If you feel motivated to (re)learn English or any other living language, then this book is for you! It is suitable for learners of all levels: from beginners to advanced learners.

The Gift of Languages is a manual for learning English that will help you better organize your time and effort. The book also includes answers to interesting questions, such as how to optimize your memory . There are certain principles that one must follow when learning a foreign language and this book offers useful techniques and practical information for learning English.

If you want to learn:

  • how to adopt a better approach,
  • how to prepare for the challenges we all face when learning a foreign language and how to overcome them,
  • how to tackle each aspect of the language, ( phonetics , vocabulary , grammar ),
  • how a language develops ,
  • how to revise english ,
  • how to deal with language interference ,
  • how to learn 80% of English by studying only 20% (or, Paretto’s law),
  • how to learn english in immersion or at home
  • how to break down a word to better remember it and be able to use it more easily,
  • how to learn in context, how to speak English fluently , with a better accent and
  • how to optimize your time ,

then The Gift of Languages is the best book to learn English . If you feel weak in English , you can use this book as a guide to learning a foreign language.

How to learn a language on your own?Books to learn English

Here is a testimonial from Phillipe T on Amazon:

On the form, this work surprises. If on the one hand its author develops an approach to modern languages which national education would do well to draw inspiration from and shows a real critical sense, on the other hand, the Indian he uses is so “spoken” that sometimes sentences are painfully heavy. Although he proclaims loud and clear that a language is above all spoken, he could have made an effort for written Indian. We will also observe that the publisher has done without a proofreader, punctuation rules, to name a few, are quite “elastic”.

Basically, his method, which I put into practice, is proving effective : everything is in the way of approaching languages and using our mental faculties. Thanks to his method , I realized that I was studying languages “upside down” and by correcting my way of learning, I see real progress . By reading this book, we see that everyone can have this “gift of languages” which we think is the prerogative of only a privileged few who instinctively practice the methods that the author teaches.

In conclusion, I can only recommend this work which, in my opinion, is a method allowing a real leap forward in the study of modern languages.

NB: We underlined certain passages.

🎁 As a gift, we offer you the third chapter of the book for free! In it, you will discover how to learn the three main aspects of a language: phonetics , vocabulary and grammar .

You can read it for free by clicking on the following link: The gift of languages (excerpt).

Book to become multilingual in English

How to become bilingual in English will help you start working on your English daily by taking advantage of English activities . To master English well, you need to practice a minimum of time. More specifically, you need to spend between 1,000 and 1,200 hours to reach the advanced level in English .

It’s a big investment and if you want to make your dream a reality, you will have to be regular : enjoying the resources you are passionate about for 20 minutes every day is a much more effective approach than studying only once a week. during 3 hours.

In this book, you will find lots of interesting ideas and activities to do in English to practice on a regular basis . The great advantage of this book is that it contains guides with step-by-step explanations of each method.

If you want :

  • learn english in music ,
  • learn english with tv ,
  • learn english on the internet,
  • learn english with friends online ,
  • learn english with video games ,
  • read in English (whether it’s books , magazines, comics or even… Internet memes !),
  • watch movies , series and sitcoms in English,
  • listen to english audiobooks ,
  • find English speakers in your own city ,
  • think in english ,
  • as well as find important information about the different English accents ,

then How to Become Bilingual in English is probably the book that will suit you best!

How to Learn English Fluently: Using It!Books to learn English

Here is the testimony of FREGATE74 on Amazon:

Super book touring the tools currently available. Going through the advantages and limitations of each, it accompanies you gradually and surely towards a mastery full of confidence .

NB: We underlined certain passages.

Finding fun ways to practice is arguably the best way to learn English .

Not yet convinced that this is the best solution for you? Find out then:

  • Chapter I – Music
  • The first three chapters of the book

⚠️ Warning: This is not an English exercise book! This is a book for developing new habits and learning English while having fun .

Book to become multilingual in EnglishBooks to learn English


book on English phonetics

Succeeding in Oral English is an audiobook that will teach you to recognize all the sounds of American English and how to articulate them well. The book focuses on English phonetics . Not only will you find information on sounds, but also on other aspects of pronunciation in English: stress and phrase stress , among others. This textbook on English phonetics will help you improve your English accent as well as improve your understanding of spoken language .

This book will give you essential information on consonants, vowels and diphthongs in English, the different aspects that constitute an accent and how to master them , how to articulate English sounds (the position of the mouth, lips and tongue) . Fabien guides you step by step through the 39 sounds of American English with examples and exercises.

If you want :

  • learn more about English phonetics,
  • improve your pronunciation ,
  • improve your accent
  • better understand spoken English ,
  • speak more clearly, with a better accent and with confidence ,

then the Succeeding in English audio book is for you!

Book to improve your English accentBooks to learn English

Before ordering the book, we invite you to read an excerpt to be sure that it is the ideal book for you: Succeeding in oral English (excerpt) .

🎁 If you order this book, you will have access to 3 bonuses:

  • Speak English text
  • Classics of literature, with original texts and MP3
  • Meet English speakers

Books to learn English

Not sure which one to choose? If you buy all three ( The Gift of Languages , How to become bilingual in English and Succeed in speaking ) you will not only be able to take advantage of information and practical advice, but also of an advantageous price !


An interactive book to learn English

If you are looking for a complete solution to master English , we invite you to discover the Click & Speak training . It is a method for learning English that is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. This interactive book focuses on spoken English: it teaches you how to express yourself, with the correct English accent, and it will allow you to better understand the spoken language. After completing this training, you will have reached level C1 in English , which will allow you to do everything entirely in English and no longer have to rely on your native language.

If you are looking

  • a method to learn English online ,
  • a method that will allow you to work on your English at your own pace , even from home,
  • training systematically accompanied by audio , to familiarize you with the spoken language,
  • a book to learn to speak English , with a better accent and self-confidence

…So discover the best way to learn English, Click & Speak ! The biggest advantage of this training is that it provides an all-in-one solution : you can work on oral English, your comprehension , your accent and your oral expression while assimilating important English vocabulary , essential grammatical structures and, what’s more, having fun with lively and interesting content !

Users describe the training as a soft drug , because making progress in English while enjoying learning it is truly addictive. We see the results almost immediately: we begin, among other things, to better understand films and series and to communicate with English speakers more effectively.

If you are a beginner, the training will allow you to reach the advanced level by going through all the levels of the CEFR ( A1 , A2 , B1 , B2 , C1 and beginning C2 ). In other words, it’s a guide that will guide you in your learning of English, from zero to hero !

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