Analysis of essay topics at London Business School (2015–2016)

For applicants this season at London Business School, we offer a small guide to the analysis of MBA essays.

In the essay, applicants are required to answer 2 questions, while the total length of the texts should not exceed 800 words. If they wish, they can write another optional essay. The information contained in the questions — who is the applicant, what he is going to do, how LBS will help him achieve his goals, and why he is interested in the program — are fundamental to forming an opinion about candidates and have played an important role in making decisions about sending out interview invitations.

Let’s take a closer look at each of this year’s MBA essays at the London Business School.

Essay No1

What are your post-MBA plans and how will your past experience and London Business School programme contribute? (500 words) (What are your plans after completing an MBA, and how will your past experience and the London Business School program interact? (500 words))

This is a relatively standard essay from the series of “career goals” and “why MBA”. It invites applicants to define their plans for the period after completing the MBA and explain how the experience of previous work prepared them for training. They should also reveal why the MBA in LBS, in their opinion, complements this picture. Given the breadth of the topic, the answer probably won’t be able to cover the details of specific projects or large-scale achievements. However, the skills acquired in the process of work, if they at least partially prepared the applicant for the expected position, can be mentioned.

An effective essay must contain all the required information and present it in an understandable form. At the same time, the applicant should name the position that he wants to get immediately after the end of the MBA, and, possibly, mention a more global plan, in which this position will be only the first step. In his interview, The Director of Admissions Simpson noted that adcom is looking for applicants who have taken the time to study the program and show sincere enthusiasm for its unique details offered only by LBS. Also, a big role is played by the interest of candidates in the diverse (both nationally and professionally) composition of students and the location of the school in the world financial capital. Consequently, applicants should try to demonstrate thoughtfulness by talking about what skills and knowledge leading to a new role their previous experience has provided, and, of course, naming specific elements of the MBA program in LBS that facilitate such a transition.

As for the distribution of the volume of this answer, we recommend that you thoroughly but briefly describe your goals, spending 100-200 words on it. We then advise you to talk about your previous work experience and preparation relatively concisely (about 100 words) to leave enough room for a detailed discussion of the attractiveness of the MBA at the London Business School. Applicants should allocate at least 200 words in their essay to describe how an MBA in LBS in the future will help them achieve success. Instead of describing the program in general terms, go directly to individual courses and clubs of interest, extracting the maximum benefit from the essay. This means that it will benefit from going beyond the program’s website and taking the time to study it through campus visits, orientation meetings, and interactions with students and alumni.

Essay No2

What specific areas of London Business School life are you most excited about getting involved in and where will you add value? (300 words) (What areas of Life at London Business School are you most enthusiastic about participating in, and what benefits can you bring? (300 words))

The question of the sections of the program that make the strongest impression on the applicant is new in this instruction. He highlights the commission’s desire to single out among the applicants those who truly appreciate the specific elements of MBA education in LBS that are unique to this program. The previous answer should focus on how the candidate will benefit from their stay at London Business School in terms of their professional development. And this essay discusses how an applicant can enjoy the program and the community. Deepening the story about their own career expectations, applicants have the opportunity to mention the hobbies that they plan to engage in by participating in student clubs. They can also touch on the topic of obtaining education in a particular country and expanding general prospects during the international exchange that takes place in the second year of study.

Of course, high-quality coverage of the second part of this question will be the key to creating an effective answer. After all, the admissions committee is looking for applicants who have reflected on how they can benefit the MBA community and increase the experience of other students (and, possibly, leave their mark on the history of the school). Consequently, candidates need to emphasize how valuable they are to the clubs and events they mention in this essay, and how they can contribute to their improvement. Good examples are likely to be the use of their own connections to invite speakers to an industry conference or to teach their comrades the technique of training athletes within the framework of the relevant club. Awareness of real needs or areas for improvement can definitely help applicants when creating an essay (and demonstrating a sincere interest in studying the MBA program of the London Business School). Therefore, we encourage applicants to contact LBS student representatives and leaders of the clubs they would like to join while preparing to write an essay.

Essay No3

Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School? (300 words) (Is there any other information that you think the admissions committee should know about you and your admission to the London Business School? (300 words))

This is a relatively loose formulation for an essay of choice. The director of Adcom, David Simpson, said that this essay is great for highlighting details that may raise questions, for example, a period of unemployment or low academic performance in one of the semesters at the previous stage of study. Therefore, applicants with similar problems should use this opportunity to describe their life situation (while not making excuses) and pointing to other moments of their own past. In this way, it is possible to save the admission committee from its concerns.

Applicants wishing to share “bonus information” should think carefully about the answer to this optional question. They should remember that to a large extent this essay is a test of the candidate’s judgment. The additional information provided here should be a significant addition to the introductory data and relate to a topic not covered in the required essays, summaries or recommendations (to the extent possible). When deciding whether to write a text, applicants should consider whether their comments are consistent with what the LBS admissions committee is interested in, for example, international experience or the student’s versatility. Although compliance with the limit is always of great importance, it is when creating an essay of choice that applicants must necessarily keep within 300 words.

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