101 Adjectives That Start With U

By Garry Kirsten, M.Ed. Education Senior Writer
UPDATED 09 Febuary, 2024

There are so many adjectives that start with “u”, it’s overwhelming. But, they can be broken down to make them more manageable. While the monster category is “adjectives that start with un-,” much smaller categories like “common ‘u’ adjectives” and “up- adjectives” also make this list. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Table of Contents

Positive Adjectives That Start With “U”


UbiquitousPresent, appearing, or found everywhereOmnipresent, pervasive, universal
UltimateGreatest, utmost, or finalSupreme, paramount, definitive
UnbiasedFair, impartial, not influenced by biasImpartial, neutral, even-handed
UnforgettableMemorable, leaving a lasting impressionMemorable, indelible, remarkable
UniqueOne of a kind, distinctDistinctive, individual, unparalleled
UpliftingInspiring, encouraging, raising spiritsInspiring, motivating, elevating
UpbeatPositive, optimisticOptimistic, cheerful, buoyant
UpstandingHonest, virtuous, morally uprightHonorable, righteous, principled
UsefulBeneficial, serving a purposeBeneficial, practical, functional
User-friendlyEasy to use, intuitiveIntuitive, accessible, easy-to-navigate
UtopianIdealistic, envisioning a perfect worldIdealistic, visionary, perfect
UnstoppableInvincible, cannot be stopped or hinderedInvincible, relentless, indomitable
UnselfishSelfless, putting others before oneselfSelfless, altruistic, generous
UnwaveringFirm, steady, resoluteSteadfast, resolute, unwavering
UnconditionalAbsolute, without conditions or limitsAbsolute, complete, unrestricted
UnderstandingEmpathetic, compassionateEmpathetic, sympathetic, compassionate
UnifiedUnited, working together as oneUnited, cohesive, harmonious
UniqueExceptional, one-of-a-kindExceptional, extraordinary, singular
UnassailableIndisputable, impossible to attack or refuteIndisputable, invincible, impregnable
UnfalteringSteadfast, unwavering in determinationSteadfast, resolute, unwavering
UnblemishedFlawless, without any imperfectionsFlawless, immaculate, pristine
UncommonRare, not frequently encounteredRare, unusual, exceptional
UnifyingBringing together, promoting harmonyHarmonizing, integrating, consolidating
UpstandingHonorable, morally uprightHonest, virtuous, principled
UnconditionalAbsolute, without conditions or limitationsAbsolute, complete, unrestricted
UprightHonest, honorable, morally uprightHonest, virtuous, righteous
UnstintingGenerous, not holding backGenerous, abundant, lavish
UnparalleledUnmatched, having no equalUnmatched, incomparable, unsurpassed
UnrelentingPersistent, determined, not giving upPersistent, relentless, persevering

Negative Adjectives That Start With “U”


UnbearableImpossible to endure or tolerateInsufferable, Intolerable, Unendurable
UncooperativeNot willing to work or cooperateObstinate, Stubborn, Unyielding
UncertainNot able to be relied on or definiteUnsure, Doubtful, Ambiguous
UncomfortableCausing discomfort or uneaseAwkward, Disquieting, Uneasy
UnconsciousLacking awareness or sensationInsensible, Senseless, Unaware
UncontrolledNot regulated or restrainedWild, Unrestrained, Unchecked
UnderhandedDeceitful or dishonest in behaviorSneaky, Dishonest, Cunning
UndesirableNot wanted or wished forUnwanted, Unwelcome, Unfavorable
UneasyAnxious or uneasyNervous, Restless, Apprehensive
UnethicalActing in violation of accepted moral principlesImmoral, Unprincipled, Dishonorable
UnfairNot just or impartialBiased, Unjust, Partial
UnfriendlyNot friendly or sociableHostile, Aloof, Cold
UnhealthyNot conducive to good healthSickly, Diseased, Unwholesome
UnhelpfulNot providing assistance or supportUseless, Ineffective, Unsupportive
UnimportantNot significant or of little valueInsignificant, Trivial, Minor
UnjustLacking fairness or justiceUnrighteous, Inequitable, Unfair
UnkindLacking kindness or compassionCruel, Heartless, Mean
UnlawfulContrary to or prohibited by lawIllegal, Criminal, Illicit
UnmanageableDifficult or impossible to controlChaotic, Disorderly, Unruly
UnpleasantNot enjoyable or agreeableDisagreeable, Repulsive, Offensive
UnpredictableNot able to be predicted or foreseenVariable, Erratic, Capricious
UnproductiveNot yielding desired results or outcomesIneffective, Fruitless, Wasteful
UnreliableNot dependable or trustworthyUntrustworthy, Undependable, Unfaithful
UnresponsiveNot responding to stimuli or communicationInattentive, Indifferent, Uncommunicative
UnrulyDisorderly or difficult to controlRowdy, Disorderly, Turbulent
UnsafeNot safe or secureDangerous, Hazardous, Risky
UnsettlingCausing anxiety or uneaseDisturbing, Disconcerting, Troubling
UnsightlyUnpleasant to look at or unsuitable in appearanceUgly, Unattractive, Repulsive
UnstableNot firmly fixed or steadyWobbly, Insecure, Shaky
UnsuccessfulFailing to achieve desired results or outcomesFailed, Unproductive, Unfulfilled

Descriptive Adjectives That Start With “U”


UbiquitousPresent, appearing, or found everywhereOmnipresent, pervasive, widespread
UnassumingModest or humble in demeanorHumble, modest, unpretentious
UnbiasedFair and impartialImpartial, neutral, objective
UnconventionalNot based on or conforming to traditional normsOriginal, innovative, nonconformist
UniqueOne of a kind, distinctDistinctive, individual, singular
UnpretentiousModest and unaffected by pretensionHumble, genuine, down-to-earth
UpbeatCheerful and optimisticPositive, buoyant, lively
UrbaneSuave, sophisticated, and refined in mannerSophisticated, polished, cultivated
UtilitarianPractical and functionalFunctional, pragmatic, practical
UnwaveringFirm and determined in purpose or beliefSteadfast, resolute, unwavering
UnyieldingStubborn and uncompromisingInflexible, adamant, relentless
UnassumingNot pretentious or arrogantModest, humble, low-key
UnflappableCalm and composed in difficult situationsImperturbable, unruffled, composed
UnparalleledUnequaled or unmatchedUnmatched, unsurpassed, peerless
UnforgettableImpossible to forgetMemorable, indelible, lasting
UncompromisingUnwilling to make concessions or compromiseInflexible, adamant, resolute
UnrelentingPersistent and unyieldingPersistent, relentless, unwavering
UnassumingModest or unpretentiousModest, humble, self-effacing
UnassumingNot boastful or arrogantModest, humble, unpretentious
UnassumingLacking pretension or arroganceModest, humble, unpretentious
UnerringAlways accurate and preciseAccurate, precise, infallible
UnflaggingTireless and persistent in effortTireless, relentless, unwavering
UnflinchingShowing no fear or hesitationFearless, resolute, steadfast
UnassailableImpossible to dispute or challengeIndisputable, irrefutable, unquestionable
UnstoppableImpossible to stop or hinderIrresistible, relentless, unstoppable
UnshakableFirm and steadfast, not easily moved or shakenSteadfast, resolute, unwavering
UnprecedentedNever done or experienced beforeNovel, groundbreaking, unparalleled
UnrivaledUnequaled or unmatchedUnequaled, unmatched, unparalleled
UnassumingModest and humble in mannerModest, humble, unpretentious


Neutral Adjectives That Start With “U”


UbiquitousPresent, appearing, or found everywhereOmnipresent, pervasive
UnbiasedFair and impartialImpartial, neutral
UnassumingModest and humbleModest, humble, unpretentious
UnderstandableCapable of being understoodComprehensible, clear
UnfazedNot disturbed or intimidatedCalm, composed, unperturbed
UnflappableRemaining calm and composed in stressful situationsImperturbable, serene
UnforeseenNot predicted or anticipatedUnexpected, unforeseeable
UnpretentiousModest and sincere in demeanorHumble, genuine, unaffected
UnwaveringFirm and steady in purpose or beliefSteadfast, resolute
UnyieldingFirm and determined, not easily changedInflexible, resolute
UnambiguousClear and not open to interpretationClear-cut, unequivocal
UnbiasedFair and impartialImpartial, neutral
UnassumingModest and humbleModest, humble, unpretentious
UncomplicatedSimple and easy to understandStraightforward, uncomplicated
UnconditionalWithout conditions or limitationsAbsolute, unlimited
UnendingContinuous and without an endPerpetual, infinite
UnremarkableNot worthy of attention or noticeOrdinary, commonplace
UniqueOne of a kind, distinctively differentDistinct, exceptional
UnchangingRemaining the same, not subject to changeConstant, immutable
UniformConsistent in form, manner, or degreeConsistent, standardized
UnquestionableNot subject to doubt or disputeUndeniable, indisputable
UnbiasedFair and impartialImpartial, neutral
UnassumingModest and humbleModest, humble, unpretentious
UnconditionalWithout conditions or limitationsAbsolute, unlimited
UnconventionalNot based on or conforming to traditional standardsOriginal, innovative
UnencumberedNot burdened or impededFree, unhampered
UnambiguousClear and not open to interpretationClear-cut, unequivocal
UnassumingModest and humbleModest, humble, unpretentious
UnbiasedFair and impartialImpartial, neutral
UnambiguousClear and not open to interpretationClear-cut, unequivocal


Common Adjectives That Start With U

Let’s start with the easy category. There are only a handful of adjectives that start with “u.” You’ll notice that some of them do have “un” as the first two letters, but it’s not the same as the prefix un-. Three of them have the prefix under-, meaning “below or too low.” Here are our top 20 “u” adjectives:

  1. uber – super; high level
  2. ubiquitous – seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent
  3. ugly – not pleasing to look at; aesthetically unattractive
  4. ulcerated – affected by an ulcer
  5. ulterior – later, subsequent; beyond what is obvious or implied; undisclosed
  6. ultimate – beyond which it is impossible to go; greatest or highest possible
  7. ultra – going beyond the usual limit; excessive; extreme
  8. ultrasonic – sound waves with a frequency higher than the limit of human hearing
  9. umbrageous – having shade; easily offended, angered by something wrong or unjust
  10. umpteenth – relating to something that has happened on several other occasions
  11. unctuous – suave or oily in speech or manner
  12. underrated – rated, assessed or estimated too low
  13. understanding – having or characterized by comprehension or sympathy
  14. underweight – below the normal or allowable weight
  15. unique – one and only; having no like or equal; unparalleled
  16. united – combined; joined; made one; in agreement or harmony
  17. urban – characteristic of the city as distinguished from the country
  18. urgent – the need for immediate action
  19. useable – capable of being utilized
  20. utmost – most extreme; greatest

Adjectives That Start With Up-

While those might be some of the top runners, there is also a whole list of adjectives that start with the prefix up-, which means in or “going toward.” Dive into this fun list of up- adjectives.

  1. upbeat – optimistic
  2. upcoming – about to happen
  3. upended – turned upside-down or on its side
  4. upfront – honest, frank
  5. uphill – ascending, upward
  6. upland – hilly area
  7. uplifted – raised to a higher moral, social, or cultural level or condition; elevate
  8. upper – on higher ground
  9. uppity – haughty, arrogant, snobbish, etc.
  10. upright – sitting in a straight manner; honorable or honest
  11. upscale – classy or expensive
  12. upstairs – upper floor
  13. upstanding – honest, honorable
  14. upstage – divert attention to yourself
  15. upstart – someone who rises to a high position suddenly
  16. upstream – a direction against the current flow of river or stream
  17. uptight – tense, nervous
  18. upturned – directed upward
  19. upward – ascending
  20. upwind – toward or against the direction of the wind

Adjectives That Start With Un-

Now let’s have a look at the bulk of the adjectives in English that start with “u,” a beast of a category, the un- adjectives. The prefix un- means not, and it can be added to the beginning of just about any other adjective to create the opposite meaning or antonym. For example, the opposite of expected is unexpected, the opposite of zipped is unzipped, and so on. Listed below are 50 adjectives that start with un-.

  1. unanswered – irrefutable
  2. uneasy – uncomfortable
  3. ungracious – not courteous
  4. unmotivated – no enthusiasm for the task
  5. unsafe – dangerous
  6. unappetizing – unappealing food
  7. unenviable – undesirable, unwanted
  8. ungrateful – unappreciative
  9. unmoving – motionless
  10. unsatisfactory – inadequate
  11. unbearable – very painful, unpleasant
  12. unerring – not going astray
  13. unhappy – sad, not feeling joy
  14. unnecessary – not needed
  15. untalented – lacking special qualities or talents
  16. unbeatable – impossible to defeat
  17. unexpected – unforeseen
  18. unhurried – not happening quickly
  19. unnerving – losing courage in a situation
  20. untidy – not clean
  21. unbelievable – unimaginable; far-fetched
  22. unflappable – calm, collected; unexcitable
  23. unimaginable – unthinkable, inconceivable
  24. unoccupied – having no one in it
  25. unused – not being utilized
  26. uncanny – unnatural, eerie
  27. unforgiving – not able to excuse
  28. unimportant – not having significance
  29. unpopular – not liked
  30. unusual – not commonly done
  31. unclean – dirty
  32. unfortunate – not lucky
  33. uninviting – not attractive
  34. unpredictable – uncertain, unforeseeable
  35. unvarying – constant
  36. uncouth – uncultured appearance or manner
  37. unfriendly – not kind; disagreeable
  38. unjust – not morally right or fair
  39. unreal – so strange it’s not believable
  40. unwary – not cautious
  41. undiplomatic – appearing tactless or insensitive
  42. ungainly – clumsy
  43. unkind – not nice
  44. unreasonable – not logical; not guided by good judgment
  45. unwilling – not ready to do something
  46. undying – lasting, enduring
  47. ungodly – unholy, immoral
  48. unlikely – not going to happen
  49. unregenerate – not reforming
  50. unyielding – inflexible