6 reasons for the attractiveness of re-passing the SAT

Unlike past relationships, college entrance exams should be given a second chance. Didn’t get great results for the SAT for the first time? Don’t panic! You still have time to fix everything. If you’re worried about lower than expected scores and want to impress the admissions staff at your dream school, consider taking the SAT a second (or third) time. Because unlike your exes, the test is really worth spending time and money on.

1. Statistically, you have a better chance of improving your score

Did you know that more than half of the students who take the SAT repeatedly increase their grades? And the lower the initial score, the more likely it is to grow. Several factors can contribute to this (which we will list below), but it is difficult to deny that all the chances are on your side this time.

2. The excitement of the first test was left out

The first day of the test could be quite stressful. “Will I finish on time?” “Stop, is this the right formula?” “I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard that word!” “That’s it. I failed.” Get all those negative phrases out of your head! Now that you know what to expect, you can relax and concentrate more on the test. You’ve been here before. You will cope!

3. You have the opportunity to reconsider your strengths and weaknesses

Take a look at your grades for the first test. They should let you know what you have coped with well, and the study of what you need to devote additional time to. This will help you use your time wiser and focus on those areas that require more elaboration, while simply refreshing your memory on already familiar topics. The smarter the learning, the smarter the students.

4. There is a phenomenon called “superscoring” and colleges adore it

Let’s say you retake the SAT, and (ah!), your score is lower. Don’t go crazy. Many colleges “add up” your grades. This means you can select the best scores for each test and get the highest possible total. When you succeed, the school may mistake a beginner’s higher scores for a test. It’s a win-win situation. But don’t forget that not all colleges behave this way. Some will require you to provide all your marks for the test. Showing improvements when you retake the exam can confirm your ability to succeed – another reason to try again!

5. You can get more money

By using the relaxation of anxiety before the test, the extra time to prepare, and the ability to combine the best scores, you’ll lead yourself to success. The chance to raise your marks by re-passing the SAT can open a variety of doors for you – and there is money behind some of them. There are several scholarships awarded for high academic performance, granted to students who have the best results for the test. Therefore, even a small jump in points can turn into an offer of solid financial assistance. Of course, re-taking the test will require a little money, but in the end it will pay off.

6. Move up the list

If you were on the school’s waiting list, improving your SAT scores can improve your chances of getting admitted. Be sure to send out new grades to all the colleges you’ve tried to enroll in as soon as possible. Yes, even to those where you have already been accepted (see reason #5). While an increased test result doesn’t guarantee admission, it certainly won’t hurt your chances.

So, even if you failed the test on your first attempt, we are sure you will cope with it next time! After all… the second time is attractive, isn’t it?

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